How It Works

How It Works: Fractional Executive Connection

Fractional Executive Connection offers a seamless and direct way for business owners to connect with top-tier fractional executives, and for executives to build a fulfilling portfolio career. Here’s how it works for both parties:

For Business Owners:

1. Prepare your request

  • Compile your business, goals, and specific leadership needs.
  • Decide your preferred engagement model (e.g., hourly, retainer) and budget range.

2. Browse Our Executive Directory

  • Search our network of experienced fractional executives across various disciplines.
  • View detailed profiles showcasing each executive’s experience, and skills.
  • If you do not see what you need, contact FEC directly, and we will do a search for you (at no additional cost) and send you the results. Contact us here. 
  • Find the perfect fit and hire your executive.

3. Connect Directly

  • Once you’ve identified a promising match, contact our members directly.
  • Complete the form, which will be forwarded directly to the FEC executive member.
  • Schedule a time to talk directly to your chosen executive to discuss your needs.

For Fractional Executives:

1. Apply for Membership:

  • Share your impressive career journey, highlighting your skills, experience, and areas of expertise with our Executive Application.
  • Provide details on contact information, website, social media, etc.
  • Choose your area(s) of expertise

2. Get Reviewed and Listed:

  • Our team carefully reviews your application to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Upon approval, your profile becomes searchable by business owners seeking your expertise.

3. Build Your Network and Collaborate:

  • Connect directly with other members for networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Discuss project details, negotiate terms, and build a successful working relationship.
  • Grow your network, expand your reach, and take on stimulating projects with visionary businesses.

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The Benefits of Membership:

  • Direct Connections: Cut out the middleman and connect directly with your ideal business partners.
  • Streamlined Process: Our user-friendly platform simplifies the search and connection process.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Focus on building impactful collaborations, not on tedious networking or third party fees.
  • Community and Support: Access valuable resources, industry insights, and connect with fellow professionals.

Join Fractional Executive Connection today and unlock the power of direct connections!

Successful and happy business team