What level are you on the success path?

Level 1: The Explorer

  • You are an executive with 10+ years of expertise, retired, recently laid off, or feeling dissatisfied with your full-time role. You crave flexibility and a chance to leverage your knowledge differently.
  • You have a strong track record of success in your executive career.
  • You’re unsure about the next step and open to exploring possibilities. You feel a mix of excitement and apprehension about transitioning to a fractional model.
  • MILESTONE: Identified a desire for a more flexible, portfolio career path and started researching the fractional executive model.

Level 2: The Investigator

  • You’re actively learning about the fractional executive landscape and a portfolio career. You’re curious about the benefits, challenges, and how it can fit your goals.
  • You have gained a basic understanding of the fractional executive model and its potential.
  • You’re intrigued by the possibilities but are overwhelmed by the need to build a new client base and navigate unfamiliar territory.
  • MILESTONE: Connected with fractional executive platforms and communities.

Level 3: The Builder

  • You’re actively transitioning from full-time to fractional. You’ve started educating yourself on the specifics of the model and how to position yourself in the market.
  • Defined your niche expertise, and gained clarity on your ideal client profile, and the value you offer. Developed a strong personal brand that showcases your experience.
  • You’re excited about the possibilities of fractional work but overwhelmed by the need to build a new client base. You’re actively seeking out resources and mentors to guide you.
  • MILESTONE:  Established a strong online presence highlighting your offerings. Developed initial marketing materials that showcase your experience and benefits to clients. Secured a few initial client meetings or consultations.

Level 4: The Launcher

  • You’re actively engaging with potential clients and securing your first fractional contracts. You’re honing your onboarding process and developing a system for managing multiple clients effectively.
  • Landed your first 1-2 fractional client engagements. Established clear communication processes and expectations with your clients. Developed a system for managing your time effectively across multiple projects.
  • You’re experiencing early successes and gaining confidence in your fractional executive abilities. You have some challenges in managing time and workload across clients, but you’re actively seeking solutions and refining your approach.
  • MILESTONE: Successfully completed initial projects with your first clients and received positive feedback. Established a system for tracking client progress and project deliverables. Feeling comfortable managing your workload and client expectations.

Level 5: The Thriver

  • You’re a full-time Fractional Executive with a well-established network and portfolio career. You’re a sought-after expert in your niche and operate at a level of efficiency and expertise.
  • Built a strong network of fellow fractional executives for collaboration and support. Developed a system for ongoing learning and staying current with industry trends. Secured a consistent flow of clients that allows you to meet your financial goals while maintaining a flexible work schedule.
  • You feel fulfilled and motivated working with a variety of clients, leveraging your expertise to make a direct impact. You enjoy the flexibility and control over your work-life balance. There’s a sense of security knowing you have multiple income streams.
  • MILSTONE: Established a consistent client base that supports your desired lifestyle. Secured ongoing opportunities for professional development to stay ahead of the curve. Feeling confident and energized in your role as a fractional executive. Actively contributing to and benefiting from a supportive network of fractional colleagues.

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